The family relationship creates everlasting bonds, there are people in our life that are always there for us; spend time together and create treasured memories. Allowing one to strengthen their family’s connection, to bring a sense of joy and togetherness.

Kids Growth

Parents can help children feel secure and loved, which gives them the confidence to explore their world. A warm and loving family makes it easier to solve problems or conflict, this is why it's worth maintaining and improving the relationships with your children and other family members.

Create Memories

Memories are more valuable than they seem. Something we look back at the things that we love and cherish as some memories become an inspiration. But memories don’t exist without living in the moment.


Love is all about real experiences, interactions, and memories. It’s the purest form of gift that one can give and receive. Helping couples and families to reconnect and rediscover their love for one another — through beautiful moments they share.


Novus Jiva provides many facilities for the whole family to enjoy, from our exclusive private beach for building sandcastles to hitting a three-pointer in the games room. Facilitate activities for all adults and children for the whole family to explore and create memories.

Barefoot Beach

Build a sandcastle, having a swim and chasing after the waves are just some activities that the family can do together! Our exclusive beach allows you to have an entire day out with your family.

Kids Club

Children are always up for a new adventure and the desire to learn something new. Practical experience is a better way of learning new things that make children feel more exciting.

Games Room

Try to challenge your family in a game of basketball or Airhockey! Find out who is the champion within the family in our very own game room.

Check our facilities for more Family Fun.