Revive Your Inner Jiva

Located in the lovely area of Anyer, Novus Jiva Anyer perched 32m stands above the ocean with stunning views of the Java Sea and surrounding mountains. A place where relaxation meets excitement, wrapped in sophistication and elegance.

Enjoy your relaxation in the hidden gem of Anyer, amidst the lush tropical garden and the ocean breeze. Discover a deeper sense of nature during your stay with an array of facilities catering to guests' leisure, family fun and wellness pursuits to Revive Your Inner Jiva.


With the hustle of everyday life, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is important to bring back the zest and the joy of life.

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Fresh local ingredients can bring out the best from each ingredient to create flavorful dishes. Exploring the finest quality cuisines to ensure an appetizing journey of dining experiences.

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Family Fun

Creating bonds with family is more valuable than any gem in the world. Spending time and creates a perfect occasion and everlasting memories for the whole family.

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Our Rooms

Luxury perched on top of woodland mountains overlooking the Java Sea. Where relaxation meets excitement, wrapped in comfort and elegance.

Standard Room

Surround yourself with impressive ocean views and mountains, sit and unwind on the open-air balcony to enjoy the stunning sunset.

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Positioned for complete privacy amid the lush tropical and gentle island breezes, experience the utmost peace within the villas. Spacious havens of supreme comfort with a private pool.

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Escape the hustle of city life, take a moment to relax, and immerse in the serene natural beauty of Novus Jiva with our exclusive deals.

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Meeting & Events

Our venues provide convenient, stylish and natural backdrops to all manner of your business events. Hold the board meetings, corporate gatherings, or seminars in the inspirational spaces.

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With a surrounding mountain overlooking the ocean, our stunning venue and dedicated team will turn your dream wedding into reality. Whether it will be a lavish wedding reception or an intimate celebration, it’s sure to create lasting memories.

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Top Apps for a Relaxing Nervous System

Discover a digital path to serenity with our blog on 5 recommended apps you can download to foster a healthier nervous system. In today's fast-paced world, these apps offer a tranquil escape, helping you manage stress, improve sleep, and promote relaxation. Let's dive into the realm of wellness that fits right in your pocket.

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