Drawing its name from the Latin which means 'New' and 'Extraordinary', Novus provides remarkable and intuitive resort and hotel brands. Providing to those seeking relaxation, serenity and discovering a sense of calm in nature. To contrive warm service and a feel-like home experience that is beyond compare in every way.

Designed to showcase natural and comfortable settings, Novus destinations create a unique remarkable impression. We pay attention to detail for every guest experience and bring something new that makes guests leave with a smile.


We discovered under-developed market segments that operate on the concept that customers are searching for an "experience" rather than merely a product. With each concept, we create an experience that is absorbed by all of the human senses; there is consistency and harmony between what is seen, touched, heard, and smelled.


Novus Hotels is concerned about hosts and the surrounding community. We are dedicated to environmental preservation also long-term and sustainable operations.


Novus Hotels & Resorts offer a "Unique Experience" with full-personalized service with warm and friendly staff, allowing you to be away from home without being apart.

Our hotels

Uncover a calm sense of nature in the ideal nature retreat yet comfortable escape from the busy hustle of Jakarta. Enjoy the relaxation and immerse yourself in the fresh mountain air with breathtaking scenery. We welcome you to Uncover Tranquillity.

Discover a deeper sense of nature and enjoy relaxation in the hidden gem of Anyer, amidst the lush tropical garden and the ocean breeze. A place where relaxation meets excitement, wrapped in sophistication and elegance to Revive Your Inner Jiva.


Enjoy unique benefits, rewards and exceptional events. Experience the extraordinary and take advantage of exclusive benefits as soon as you join. With every stay, you get closer to a higher status level and enhanced benefits of Novus Values.

Special Offers

novus giri
wellness package

Embark on a journey of inner bliss and well-being amidst the natural beauty of Novus Giri.

novus jiva
wellness package

Embark on a journey of inner bliss and well-being amidst the natural beauty of Novus Jiva.


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